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The Muscle Shop Specializes in Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular and Therapeutic Massage integrated with Swedish, Myofascial Release, and other forms of massage to help you perform and feel your best.
Standard Rates
Half Hour - $30
One Hour - $50
90 Minutes - $75

Club Muscle –
One hour massage every month for $40. No sign up, free to join. If you return for a massage within a calendar month or sooner you will receive the reduced rate for the massage.

Military, Athlete, and Student discounts!
Specialized Treatment Plans

An hour Swedish massage focused solely on relaxation. No deep work, no pain, just an hour to unwind. Great for rest and recovery days.
One Hour - $45

A 30 minute focused treatment on your main area of concern. We get right to the point and work out that one spot that you need relief from.
30 Minutes - $30

Assisted Stretching
Stretching session using passive and active stretching, PNF/MET techniques, Thai Massage and Yoga techniques, and sports massage to loosen up your muscles and open up the body followed by 5 to 10 minutes of stillness to allow your body to sink into its newly opened state.
One Hour - $50

Structural Alignment
A detailed assessment of your posture, gate and bodies range of motion followed by a session of stretching and massage focused on you bodies structure to bring your body back into alignment.
One Hour - $60

The Athletes Foot
It’s all about the feet. Your feet will be cleansed, exfoliated with a salt or sugar scrub, a reflexology treatment, and a detailed massage from the knee down. (We cannot work on feet with fungal infections or open wounds).
30 minutes - $30

Team Mate
A couples massage or massage with a friend. The two of you will each receive a full body integrated Swedish massage at the same time in the same room on two tables. Relax, connect and leave feeling better than ever. Must be scheduled a week in advance to arrange scheduling for two therapists.
One hour, Two Therapists - $100

Four Hands and You
An integrated Swedish massage performed simultaneously by two massage therapists. Must be scheduled a week in advance to arrange scheduling for two therapists. One Hour - $100

Take some time to unwind and relax in a safe environment. The room will be set up to meet your security concerns. Lights may be left fully on, you may leave clothes on, and breaks may be taken whenever you feel they are needed during this Swedish massage session. This is a safe place and environment. Feel free to just relax and enjoy the massage or express and feeling that you have (NOTE: I am not a counselor and cannot give advice, however anything expressed will be held completely confidential in compliance with HIPPA regulations). Also good for anxiety, depression and over all stress.
30 Minutes - $25; One Hour - $45
Welcome Home!
Military men and women returning home from deployment or getting ready to deploy take an hour to distress and chill out. This deal is good two weeks prior to deployment and two weeks upon return. Receive a one hour distressing relaxing Swedish massage for an amazing rate. Limited to one time per pre-deployment, and one time per deployment return. One hour - $35
Become a Sponsored Athlete – Make the Muscle Shop your personal massage therapist for event, recovery, maintenance and stretching body work at a discounted package price. Our experience working with athletes and in personal training will help us come up with a massage plan to fit your training schedule and events routine. Onsite event massage and travel available as well. We can also work with teams and have multiple therapists available for larger numbers when needed.
Event Massage
The Muscle Shop will come to your events and work on your team on location. For training or event. Contact us for pricing and details.