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Morgan Flaharty, owner of MoGo training is a current Wrestler at the Olympic Training center, who is training for the olympic and world championships in Rio Dijanero 2016. Morgan Is a graduate from the University of California, with a Bachelors in Exercise Biology and a minor in art. During his educational Career at the University of California Morgan was a Div. 1 Wrestler and a Rugby Player.

As an Athlete, Morgan was exceptionally hard working, wrestling of and defeating the returners for the spot on the squad. Morgan was known in the classroom for taking radical new approaches to lab research and inquiring about concepts about physiology previously unstudied. Morgan still strives to find new research and make breakthroughs in exercise physiology in order to provoke the most adaptation possible.

Morgan’s strength and conditioning career began in high school when a retiring coach gave him the now credible bible of strength and conditioning CSCS*. With this book he studied and formulated strength and conditioning programs for his teammates during the season, preseason and post-season. During his high school career Morgan led his team to Five Championships. While in college Morgan continued to coach the team to an additional Five more consecutive championships, producing several college athletes, division one athletes and student athletes to be the first in their family to go to college.

Along Side his Coaching Career Morgan was a Personal Trainer for Davis Swim and Fitness, in which morgan Managed over 20 Clients and Provided nutritional evaluation, Fitness evaluations, consultations and programming