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"Valdamar has been my Trainer for over two years. I have learned so much and feel so much better than I did two years ago"

"Great job keeping all challenged"

"Great instructor!! Taught us something different in most of our classes"

"Vigorous work out routines"
Fitness With The Muscle Shop

There are a variety of ways we can help you reach your fitness, health and overall wellness goals.

Fitness Consultations
Come in or have us come to you. We will go over your current physical state by conducting several tests and taking measurements and records of not just weight but more importantly body composition, stregnth and health. Then we will discuss ways you can realistically reach your goals with your available resources. This will include a training session. The whole consultation will last about an hour to an hour and a half. We recommend a monthly consultation to keep you motivated - $35

Private Yoga Sessions - $25 for an hour session

Private in-house Training - $25 for an hour session
We are not equiped for heavy duty training for body building at the moment (give us time). We do have shower facilities. For out calls to your home within Colorado Springs $35 for an hour session.

The Muscle Shop also sponsors a men's yoga group
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Other Possible Services

Group Classes (offices, schools, etc.)
Personal Training at your home or gym
Assisted Stretching - See Massage
Swim Lessons
Water Safety Classes
Instructional Classes
CPR Classes

Contact us for prices, details and scheduling